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NASDAQ is an American stock exchange based in New York City. There are many global securities listed on NASDAQ and it is ranked as second on the list of stock exchanges by market capitalisation of shares traded. Investors want to trade successfully on this market and therefore they look out for some best NASDAQ signals that can help them in taking timely decisions.
The best Nasdaq signals are an alert that you get when a particular share or security is about to reach a particular price or when a share is about to break support or resistance levels. This will help you to decide when to enter or exit a particular position. TheExchangeTips will help you to get weekly NASDAQ stock signals of all the securities listed on NASDAQ.
You can enter the world of NASDAQ with our specialised weekly stock signals. We will help you to get real-time signals and Nasdaq buy or sell alerts of the securities. This is very useful for swing traders i.e traders who believe in holding shares for a few days until there is some movement in the prices of securities. We will help you to get an idea about the entry and exit strategies in the NASDAQ market. These accurate Nasdaq signals will not only help you to make timely decisions but will also help you in earning good returns in the market.

Service features
Get Nasdaq technical analysis today with this package which comes with 1 to 2 signals on a weekly basis.
All the weekly Nasdaq stock signals will include stock name, entry price, target price and stop-loss price that you can set.
Follow up on all the Nasdaq stocks and signals till it achieves target hit or stop loss hit.
You have an option for closing the signal updates manually.
Expect more than 90% accurate Nasdaq signals on a weekly basis.

Golden rules for hassle-free trading
Trade with each and every Nasdaq stock signal that you receive from TheExchangeTips.
Follow the entry price as provided in the Nasdaq stock signal and never forget to set the target price and stop-loss price for your stock trades.
In order to effectively manage your funds, trade with the same lot size on a monthly basis.

Mode of recommendations
All the Nasdaq trading signals will be sent on WhatsApp from the official WhatsApp number of TheExchangeTips

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