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Year Of Experience

TheExchangeTips is an idea, which emerged 5 years ago with an objective of maximizing profitability of Malaysian and Singapore stock market traders/investors.

TheExchangeTips is shaped to consult stock traders who were trading without any thorough knowledge of KLSE stock market and SGX stock market. While subscribing our stock market recommendation plans, traders/investors get a ladder to climb high and with their success, we shine with our company’s growth and recognition.

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Your success is our only business.

We call ourselves stock market research leader, because every share tip shared by our stock advisors is based on thorough research and aims huge returns.

  • Client’s growth is our priority

    Every investor dreams of multiplying capital investment and with our quality based Malaysian stock picks and Singapore stock tips this dream surely comes true because our sole priority is your happiness and satisfaction.

  • Market Oriented Leaders

    We are leaders in our industry. We share stock signals exclusively to our client. Signals are optimized as per our client’s needs. We deal with long term midterm and contra stock tips. Our through technical analysis is highly accurate and result oriented.

  • 24*7 support system

    Our team will always stand on one foot to help our stock traders and serve them the best. Daily stock signals will help you to trade smartly and accurately. Our research analyst and support team will always be in touch with you in case of any queries and decision making.

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Estate Ease Services

Investment diversification spreads risk by investing in



Risk Guard Financial

Financial plans should be regularly reviewed, especially



Tax Tune Solutions

Diversification helps spread risk by investing in various to