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Bursa Malaysia mid-term stock picks helps stock market investors to hold a stock for a range of 1 to 2 months and when the good time comes, you make handsome returns with our mid-term KLSE stock recommendations. Our stock calls will include the entry-level signals, target and stop loss details which when used by our clients will make returns for them.

Month on month growth is the prime goal of this service pack, which includes KLSE trade signals with highest accuracy. Stock trading recommendations are thoroughly examined with help of latest tools and dedicated expert team. Register for the pack and get the best out of our prime mid-term stock signals.

Service features
1 to 2 recommendations per week.
6 to 8 recommendations on monthly basis.
All recommendations will include quantity of the stocks to buy, proper entry price, targets and stop loss.
Follow up alert for each recommendation specifying target achieved or stop loss hit.
More than 80% – 85% accurate recommendations on monthly basis.
Updates on all major event and important data impacting the KLSE market.
Support and resistance of KLCI.
Online assistance via Whatsapp and Telegram by our Expert Research/Technical Analyst.

Golden rules for hassle-free trading
Maintain minimum investment of RM 50000.
Trade with each and every recommendation you receive from TheExchangeTips.
Follow the signal quantity of the stocks to buy, entry price range, do not forget to set the targets and stop loss levels.

Mode of recommendations
Recommendations will be sent through WhatsApp, Telegram and Text SMS.

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Affordable Price Package



Monthly Subscription Service Package

$250.00 / Per Month



Quarterly Subscription Service Package

$600.00 / Per Month


Half Yearly

Half-Yearly Subscription Service Package

$1000.00 / Per Month